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What kind of role can a financial professional play for an investor?

答案是:一个重要的问题. While the value of such a relationship is hard to quantify, 无形的好处可能是持久的.

There are certain investors who turn to a financial professional with one goal in mind: the "alpha" objective of beating the market. But even Wall Street's brightest money managers can come up short.

在某一时刻, these investors realize that their financial professional has no control over what happens in the financial markets. They come to understand the real value of the relationship, which is about 策略, 训练, 理解.

A financial professional can provide guidance about today's financial climate, 确定目标, 并评估实现这些目标的进展. Alone, an investor may find it difficult to do any of these tasks. Moreover, an investor may make self-defeating decisions. Today's steady stream of information can prompt emotional behavior and may lead to blunders.


Investors can feel that way during a great year when every decision seems to work out well. 但过度自信可能会出现, the reality that the markets have challenging years can be forgotten.

A financial professional can help an investor commit to staying on track.

通过微妙或公开的指导, the investor can learn to take short-term market volatility in stride and focus on the long term. A 策略 is put in place based on the investor's goals, risk tolerance, time horizon.

As the investor-professional relationship unfolds, the investor begins to notice the intangible ways the professional provides value. The professional may help explain the subtleties of investment trends and how potential risk often relates to potential reward.

也许最重要的是, the professional helps the client get past the "noise" and "buzz" of the financial markets to see what is really important to their financial life.

The investor gains a new level of 理解, a context for all the investing and saving. The effort to build wealth and retire well is not merely focused on success but also significance.

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